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Success Stories

Success Stories

"My husband took care of all the finances, so when he passed I didnít know where to turn. One day I saw a CCC commercial on television and called. The counselors were so friendly, they set up all of my monthly payments for me. It was so nice to have someone to help me, thank you CCC!"

M. Aspen
Indianapolis, IN

"We were so far in debt we thought we would never be able to purchase a home. We heard about CCC over the radio and made an appointment to come in and meet with a counselor. Before we knew it, four short years later we were close to being debt free and bought our first home! CCC was the answer to our prayers."

Mr. & Mrs. Williamson
Fort Wayne, IN

"I first want to thank you for everything you did today to follow up on my account. I can not express what a great feeling it is to know that I have paid my balance in full.
I walked into the Credit Counselors Corp offece on December 17, 2005. This was the lowest point financially for me. I had done research and talked to many other credit counseling companies. I was treated badly in many cases, but when I walked into your office I was treated with respect and given encouragement on my situation.
Each and everytime I called your office my experiece was the same. No matter who I spoke with I was met with a courteous and respectful representitive.
Today in my final experience I was once again treated with respect and really felt that my situation was important.
Thank you again for everything!"

Susan C.
Carmel, IN

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