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CCC - Credit Counselors Corporation specializes in helping people help themselves get out of debt with dignity. Everyday good, hard-working people find themselves in deep financial trouble, with too many bills to pay and not enough money to pay them. We've helped thousands of people take control of their financial recovery and we can help you too. 

Americans have had a long term love affair with credit, many embracing the buy-now, pay-later lifestyle. It has never been easier to acquire—and abuse—credit. By the time many people with difficulties seek aid, they are deeply in debt. Often, the only alternatives seem to be bankruptcy, drastic changes in lifestyles or voluntary repossession of assets.

No matter how bleak your financial future looks, Credit Counselors Corp. is available to provide assistance and counseling and offers convenient evening and weekend hours. CCC is a full-service company, dealing with all types of debt including utilities, budget and repayment plan. Many consumers qualify for "debt management program" in which CCC negotiates for reduced monthly payments and interest rates with the creditors to enable them to become debt free even though they may not be behind on their bills. The debt clearing process can be a lengthy procedure, but with professional assistance from CCC, you may overcome your credit difficulties.

Good credit is one of the most valuable assets an individual can possess. When you need assistance with financial problems, give Credit Counselors Corp. a call for an appointment at one of our convenient locations. 

We handle all types of debts:

Credit Cards
Personal Loans
Student Loans
Medical Bills
Rent/Mortgage Payments
Back Taxes
Collection Agencies
Old Bills
Garnishment Threats
Court Dates 

Benefits under CCC:

Make just one payment a month that is affordable for you
FREE Confidential Counseling
FREE Office Appointments
Fast Application Process - 30 minutes or less
Credit Reports Obtained and explained INSTANTLY.
Relief from nagging creditor calls and harassment
Late fees and over-limit fees stopped.
Interest rates reduced or dropped on credit cards.
Payments reduced in most cases.
Ability to satisfy the payment needs of creditors
Bringing past due accounts current, in most cases.
Creditor notification. (priorities within 24 hrs)
Consolidation of all bills & payments – Make just one payment a month
Stress Relief - Better Family Life – Peace of Mind

* Services not available to New York
State, Michigan and California residents.



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