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About Us 

CCC - Credit Counselors Corporation is a full service debt management company designed to handle all types of debt problems, not just credit cards. You do not have to be behind on your bills to use our service. CCC is not a loan company. We will negotiate with your creditors for monthly payment amounts which are agreeable to your creditors. By developing a realistic debt management plan based on your income and ability to pay, CCC can help you achieve your goal of becoming debt free.

A debt management plan with CCC will allow you to manage your finances without a consolidation loan and without declaring bankruptcy. We offer a wide range of innovative programs on all types of debt.

Unlike consolidation loans, debt management plans do not increase your debt and will not risk your home. Managing your debt through CCC helps you pay your bills with less money, reduces or eliminates late fees, reduces or eliminates interest charges, will stop creditors from harassing you and allows you to make one easy payment.

Just think how relieved you will feel if you can reduce your debt, manage your bills, and take a positive step toward achieving financial recovery for yourself and your family.

We are Licensed by The State of Indiana, Idaho, Iowa, Oregon, Washington, Washington DC and Nebraska through the Department of Financial Institutions and Bonded.

Member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Office Locations

California Office

5838 Edison Place, Suite 201

Carlsbad, CA 92008


Ft Wayne Office

4705 Illinois Rd. Suite 104

Ft Wayne, IN 46835


Credit Counselors Corp., Credit & Debt Counseling, Fort Wayne, IN
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